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A Retreat Designed Exclusively for Senior Pastors

​​Many Pastors are in burn-out and do not even know it! They find themselves weary and burdened down by the heavy weight of ministry.
This is what a Pastors Only Retreat is all about: It is a set apart time and place, where Senior Pastors can rest and be rejuvenated.

We see a great and pressing need for a retreat for Pastors of our day.

Dr. Pete Sulack and Living Waters Ministry have partnered together to design a retreat exclusively for Senior Pastors. You will experience healing and empowerment so that you may run your race and finish well in health and Kingdom purpose. The call of God is for Pastors to minister to their flocks out of wholeness
instead of weariness and woundedness.
It is encouraged that Pastors register as soon as possible, as we only have limited space available at the lodge. There are nearby hotels available for when the lodge is full.
  1. Morbi nunc odi
    March 2018 Retreat
    March 1 - 3, 2018
    The first Pastors Only Retreat in 2018 has been scheduled for March 1st thru March 3rd, 2018. The retreat is hosted by Dr. Pete Sulack and Living Waters Ministry. To register now, click below.
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    2018 Retreat Dates
    2018 Dates
    Pastors Only Retreats scheduled for 2018: March 1-3 June 28-30 To register now, click below.
Register Now!
Register Now!
The Pastors Only Retreat is designed for Senior Pastors to rest, rejuvenate, and experience empowerment. During this retreat, you will be ministered to by Lee and Denise Boggs, and Dr. Pete Sulack. To learn more about your hosts, click their pictures below and "go to link".
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Discover what others are saying about Living Waters Ministry and Dr. Pete Sulack:
    Bishop Tony Miller
    Founder of Tony Miller Ministries
    Dr. Dharius Daniels
    Founder and Lead Pastor of Change Church, NJ
"Having spent almost four decades in ministry and with many of those years focused on helping pastors and leaders, I have recognized that we all struggle at some point with ‘being healthy’. Whether it is our own inner person, the strains of a marriage that is broken, or simply the complex demands that ministry makes on our soul – we often find ourselves ‘leading on empty’!

That is why the ministry of Lee and Denise Boggs is so vital and life giving to leaders from across our nation. From the Living Waters Retreat Center in North Carolina, their ministry of healing, hope and restoration is empowering leaders to walk with renewed confidence and a fresh vision of who they are in Christ. Their ability to equip both men and women with the life-skills necessary to live as an overcomer is amazing!

I highly recommend you make plans to join Lee and Denise and one of their retreats in the near future. I’ve personally witnessed the compassion they demonstrate for each individual and the precision with which they minister truth! You will be glad you came!"

"We live an an era where we often confuse personal ambition with divine inspiration, fail to see the dysfunction behind most drivenness, and label people as bad instead of broken.

Fortunately, there are ministries that have the unique ability to help people see beneath the surface and deal with the root of their pain and brokenness. Living Waters Ministry is one of those ministries. It is an overflowing stream of hope and healing for the soul.

If you are ready for and serious about wholeness and healing I highly recommend them."
    Bishop Jonathon Zeigler
    Founder of Jonathon Zeigler Ministries
    Rev. Dr. Pat Polis
    Senior Pastor of Washington Pike UMC, Knoxville, TN
"The world we live in is toxic in the areas of thinking, believing and behavior. In Dr. Pete Sulack, God has provided a remedy for all three areas.

His knowledge of the human existence combined with an intimate relationship with Jesus is a remedy for the human soul and a light in the darkness. I know him on a personal and professional level. He has presented the gospel in my church as well as taught classes on health and nutrition. Dr Pete is a gift to the body of Christ and to his fellow man.“

"This ministry is piercing, engaging, thought-provoking, but more than anything it's very powerful.

I believe Pastors Lee and Denise bring a joy and a hope back to lives of individuals that have literally lost their hope and their joy, their marriage and their family, through this world's system of depression, fear, and discouragement.

I highly endorse this ministry, I believe in it, and I believe that it will change your life!"

    Dee Worley
    Co-Founder and COO of Worley Global Enterprises
    Tim Worley
    Co-Founder and CEO of Worley Global Enterprises
“To say that God has used, and is using, Lee and Denise Boggs as critical components of my spiritual growth is an understatement. For me, Lee and Denise are more than pastors, they’re spiritual mentors.

I spent nearly two decades living the amateur and professional athlete life, and I surrounded myself with a lot of ‘yes’ people who told me what I wanted to hear, rather than what I needed to hear. Lee and Denise are not interested in tickling my ears. They are committed to ministering healing and wholeness through the leading of the Holy Spirit, and from every angle.

The Kingdom principles I’ve learned, and been equipped to implement in my every day life since being under Lee’s and Denise’s spiritual tutelage are not only monumental, they’re game changers.”
“Sometimes, God reveals His most profound truths, and packages a person’s biggest breakthroughs, through two willing vessels on an obscure 30-acre property nestled in the foothills of the North Carolina mountains.

To be under the voices of Lee and Denise Boggs is a profound privilege, and one I don’t take for granted. When I was in deep despair and couldn’t see through the fog in my life, they were beacons of light. They lovingly – and with great selflessness and sacrifice – guided me through incredibly difficult, Spirit-labor intensive processes and refused to give up on me until the fog lifted. I’m bereft of the words to accurately convey the investment Lee and Denise have made in my healing, wholeness and purpose. These precious people are among the few who actually walk the walk. Lee and Denise are the real deal.”